Spring 2018: Plant shopping!

Aside from my main interest which is reading, I also enjoy gardening, which is what today’s post is about. If you’d like to see more posts like this and my gardening activities throughout the year, please do Follow my blog for regular insights and updates ūüôā

Spring is officially here, even if the weather may not be showing it.¬†And for the first time in months, I’ve felt a renewed sense of optimism and a desire to stock up on garden plants. I live in a terraced corner house, so we have a side exit which leads onto a self-contained patio, which in turn leads onto our¬†relatively spacious¬†back garden. It’s still very early on¬†in the season and right now we’re only¬†focussing on plants to¬†soften the perimeter of the patio. So on a cloudy Friday the 13th, up to the B&Q superstore, we went.

Hanging baskets.

I’m wheelchair-bound but mum was willing to push me around, so long as I didn’t mind being piled high with stuff. Despite the time of year, the gardening department is pretty quiet, perhaps because the weather¬†has been¬†so drab lately.

Before we even started the outdoor section hunt, we picked up three £4 coconut fibre basket liners for our brackets, which overhang the patio from the side wall of the house. Not the cheapest, but biodegradable nonetheless. I also picked up two 150L green waste bags, costing £2.98 each and a packet of Suttons mixed Poppy seeds, with five varieties within. They typically flower from July to August, so long as I sow them this month.

Spot the variety packet…

There’s currently a limited selection of small pot plants currently available: Pansies, Lobelia, Geraniums and a few Primroses – most range from ¬£1.50 to ¬£3.50.

We settled for two pink and white Sweet Peas, which we’ll train along our bamboo canes, in the shade of the house.

One of the two Sweet Pea plants we brought home.

On the other hand, we found there were plenty of edible plants: Carrots, Cucumber, Salad Leaves, Tomato, Kale, Chillis, ‘Atlantic Giant’ Pumpkin, ‘Elsanta’ Strawberry, Seed Potato, Garlic – we bought. Gooseberries, Blackberries, Rhubarb and – Citrus plants!


B&Q currently has reduced Narcissus Daffodils as well as Foxgloves, Hardy Patio Roses, beautifully fragrant Lavender tubs, Clematis climbers, Pink Tiger Lilies, a selection of Box hedges, Gold / Black stem Bamboo, Grasses and Evergreens.


Grasses and Evergreens in the Hardy Plants section.

After wandering around the outdoor aisles¬†for some time we were¬†getting pretty cold in the bleak misty air, so we had a quick look at the indoor plant’s section.¬† I noticed the cutesy, miniature cacti and succulents which you typically place on the window ledge or work desk, and I’ve always wanted one; these were cheaper than the ‘Instagramable’ ones you find in IKEA. Cacti-phobic Mum said no.

The cacti and succulents range between £1.89 and £3.20.

Before making it to the checkout, I finally picked up a tall ‘Peckish’ bird feeder with a two-year guarantee, and a 2kg bag of ‘Peckish Mixed Bird Seed’. I don’t have a specific place in the garden to hang this from, but we can always tie it to the washing line!


All in all, we didn’t even tackle half of the annual plant-buying project, so I’m sure we’ll make future trips to other garden centres and nurseries. I’ll be sure to blog about these in coming weeks, as the weather improves!

Thank you for reading, and please follow my blog if you want to see more posts like this!

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